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With over 100 years of experience between them, the attorneys of Young Ricchiuti Caldwell & Heller represent seriously injured plaintiffs in complex civil cases in the courts of Philadelphia, the surrounding suburban counties and throughout the central and eastern parts of Pennsylvania. YRC&H's attorneys have also handled major complex products liability and professional malpractice cases in other jurisdictions as well, including New Jersey, Delaware, North Carolina, Maryland and Kansas. The experience, expertise and courtroom skills of YRC&H's attorneys are recognized by their opponents, the judges before whom they appear and lawyers who ask the firm to represent their clients.

A jury trial requires tremendous preparation, strategic and tactical thinking, the ability to marshal complicated factual patterns and present them to a jury in an understandable way, a depth of knowledge of the law, a large helping of common sense and the ability to relate to and communicate with people. There is probably no aspect of the law that is more challenging, difficult and demanding than the trial of a complex civil case. There is certainly no client that needs representation more than the person seriously or catastrophically injured, or the family of someone who dies. Over their careers, the lawyers of YRC&H have used their formidable skills, hard work, thorough preparation and dedication to represent seriously injured victims, always with the utmost professionalism and respect for the dignity and confidentiality of their clients.


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