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As trial lawyers, our focus is always on the courtroom,  and on the work necessary to prepare cases for the courtroom.

As part of that work, we have had the opportunity to witness firsthand the efforts of clients and families struggling to piece lives back together after sometimes enormous setbacks. Sometimes, tort litigation -- that is, a lawsuit against a company or a person that caused an injury as a result of carelessness or other misconduct -- can effectively secure the resources necessary to provide the highest quality of life. But litigation proceeds are not the only potential source of resources for accident victims. Many different private and public benefits and resources are potentially available.

We thought it might be helpful to collect, in one place, information about some of the resources that our clients have looked to over the years. Please bear in mind that these materials are for informational purposes only, and are not legal advice.

QuoteThose who oppose the use of juries in civil trials seem to ignore [that] the founders of our Nation considered the right to trial by jury in civil cases an important bulwark against tyranny and corruption."

-- Chief Justice William Rehnquist, 1979

Legal advice is advice that is provided by an attorney to his or her client -- in other words, advice that is provided after an attorney-client relationship is created. The contents of this web page are not legal advice, and this web page does not create an attorney-client relationship. No attorney-client relationship is created until you have entered into a written, signed agreement with us.

Also, every case is different and stands or falls on its own merits. While we thought it would be helpful to put some information about our results on this web page, you should be aware that these past results are not meant to be, and are not, a guarantee of results or future success in any particular case. Past results are not an indication of what future results might be, nor are they an indication of what any



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